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Lesson Policies

Payment Structure:

Each Booked Week will be charged whether or not you reschedule. Make sure to reschedule any missed Booked Weeks to fully redeem your bundle pack. See details here:


24-Hour Policy:

If you need to miss a lesson during one of your Booked Weeks, you must cancel 24 hours ahead of that lesson, or you will still be charged for that week without the possibility of reschedule. This excludes sickness/accidents/emergencies, in which case that lesson can be rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice. This policy is to allow for unused time-slots to be used by prospective students and other reschedules.


On-Time Policy:

If you arrive/show up late, I will still teach the remainder of your scheduled time-slot, so long as you give me a heads up as to when you will arrive/show up. If after 15 minutes into the scheduled time-slot, I do not hear from you, then you will forfeit that week's lesson and you will be charged for that week.



Ed Landis

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