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Payment Structure

Lessons must be purchased in prepaid bundle packs. Your payment will cover the Booked Weeks you choose, but it will not cover any weeks after your bundle pack time-frame ends.

Booked Weeks:

When you purchase a pack, make sure to cancel any weeks that you will be unavailable for (cancel using your Bookings Link, see below). The remaining weeks are your Booked Weeks, which are set after the 1st lesson of the pack.

—If during a Booked Week you have to miss that lesson, use your Bookings Link to cancel & reschedule. You must reschedule (for a date within your bundle pack time-frame) or you will still be charged for that Booked Week. 

Bookings Link:

Cancellations and reschedules can be made through your Bookings Link which can be found in your time-slot confirmation email. Save this link, because this is the same link you will always have as my client.

Also please read the lesson policies:


Ed Landis

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