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"Ed is absolutely incredible! We were so lucky to find him through word of mouth from other parents in our school. My youngest son is 7 years old. He is very creative and artistic. Neither my husband nor I have any musical talent and wanted to give our child the opportunity to explore his gifts. It only took one lesson with Ed and our son's response was immediate. Ed makes the instruction fun. Our son looks forward to his keyboard and drumming lessons. Ed starts with the basics and allows the children to explore their creativity and abilities. If you are thinking about putting your child in music lessons...DO IT! Ed is extremely talented, patient, kind and FUN. My husband and I recommend Ed's lessons 1000 percent. You will too. The gift of music lasts a lifetime."

Jewels Von Rabenau

"As a former educator, I highly recommend Ed’s Drum Lessons. Ed teaches my 9-year-old much more than drums. He uses drums to teach patience, confidence, and perseverance. He engages with his students with a high amount of energy and enthusiasm, which motivates his students and makes them eager to learn. He has helped my shy, slow to warm son, come out of his shell, and become eager to perform drums in front of an audience. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would be able to do that! Every lesson that Ed instructs is teacher-directed and student lead, since he listens to and plans his lessons based on the needs of the individual student. A++++"

Tarah Daniels

“Ed is extremely talented, not only on the drums, but at teaching children. He has been instructing my 9 and 12 year old on the drums for three years now and we hope to continue with him for many more. He is kind, patient, respectful and always arrives on time. My kids love Ed and have learned so much from him!”

Melissa Von Leffern

"Ed is an awesome drum instructor! He has been teaching my son (7 years old) for 7 months now and my son has learned to play all of his favorite songs in this short period of time! Ed has a lot of patience, is great with the kids, and very motivating! He's always on time and very professional. My son looks forward to his drum sessions every week! I absolutely recommend Ed to anyone looking for a drum instructor for their child."

Tamara Houser

“I took a chance at this kid playing buckets on the boardwalk who I noticed had great rhythm. He turned out to be a great teacher for my kid for five years. He took his job very seriously, documenting thoroughly all the exercises they practiced, writing his own method as it went. Special bonus, the guy can sing and my son had great jams with him, along with my other kid and his teacher playing guitars.”

Arnaud Dunoyer

"My son is 8 years old. From my perspective lessons for kids at that age must be fun in order to maintain attention and keep him interested. Ed does both and more. He doesn’t take a cookie cutter approach to his teaching either. His strategy changes as my son develops which gives me confidence in him. Plus my son idolizes him and looks forward to his lessons!! Once again I highly recommend Ed for anyone who would like to have their child learn the drums."

Rich Simon

"My son started lessons with Ed in June and continue them today. During this crazy pandemic, we are so grateful to have such a wonderful teacher. Ed has made a great connection with my son even though it is online. My son has been learning through playing, and the improvements are noticeable. Since he is only 6, Ed has made the learning experience fun and playful and within my sons ability at his age. Outside of drums, Ed has also helped my son with stage fright and tips on overcoming the fear. It takes a great teacher to form such a fun relationship with a student through distance learning, and have the lessons transpire well. I would highly recommend Ed for lessons!"

Brittany Alatorre

"Ed is an amazing drum instructor for all ages. Not only is it the highlight of my daughter’s week, she is constantly progressing and improving her skill set during every lesson with the help of her talented teacher. Ed creates a learning environment that allows my daughter to feel comfortable enough to ask questions when she is confused while pushing herself when faced with new material - that is something that she and myself really value. The tools and styles of teaching that he utilizes are helping my child retain and consistently build on her weekly lessons. By providing the right amount of motivation and encouragement, Ed is helping my daughter fall in love with drums and she couldn't be happier with her instructor. Ed is a stand up professional and an extremely talented drummer who we would highly recommend!"

Devan Corbitt

“I definitely recommend using Ed as a drum instructor. Both my daughters, ages 10 and 12, have been receiving drum lessons from Ed for several years now. We had tried 3 other instructors with bad results but got lucky when we found Ed. He is very thorough and patient while giving lessons. He has a great attitude and really knows his stuff. He knows many styles of drumming. Just pick a song, give him a week to study it, and by the next lesson he's ready to teach it. My daughters always look forward to their lesson with Ed.”

Wayne Hobbs

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